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Titanium, 2021


[Abortion, Blood loss, Mother death] It is revealed that Alexia is a serial killer who has murdered several men and women in the past few months. She still lives with her parents, who seem unaware of her connection with the crimes and with whom she has a distant relationship.

Eventually, Alexia realizes she has somehow become pregnant. She tries to perform an abortion with her hairpin but fails. Alexia's body gradually breaks down, as tears in the skin of her stomach reveal new metal plates and she begins secreting what appears to be motor oil from her breasts and vagina. As her pregnancy finally comes to term, Alexia reveals her real name to Vincent. Vincent helps Alexia give birth, the titanium side of her skull splitting open on her final push. Vincent, in tears, holds the baby, whose spine appears to be made out of titanium, and tells it repeatedly, "I'm here."

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