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About A Safe Place

A Safe Place is an online forum which aims to identify media (TV, Movies, Books, etc...) which may contain potentially triggering material to those who have experienced a traumatic pregnancy. 

- Our Story -

In 2020, my Wife and I lost our Son Xander just 3 days after he was born. My Wife suffered preeclampsia, manifesting late into Week 35. While in hospital, after receiving all the perfect care and attention a hospital could provide, she suffered from a placental abruption which lead to an emergency c-section. After 3 days of intensive care our little Xander passed away. Devastated and heart broken we returned home looking for a bit of solace and comfort in a go-to favourite feel-good film.  Little did we know, or remember, that the film featured a placental abruption and a traumatic birthing story. It literally took the breath from our lungs and reopened a very fresh and painful wound; it made us feel unsafe in our own home. From that day, I've been researching and collecting all forms of media, from Fantasy Literature, to Romantic Comedies, to Dramatic Television, making note of any triggering material [a word that now holds profound and deep meaning], so that one day I could prevent someone else from feeling the way we did that day. Everyone's home should be a Safe Place where they can choose how and when they are exposed to sensitive material.

This website is designed for anyone: someone who has experienced loss, a couple, a family, or a friend who wants to make sure their Move Night isn't ruined by exposing their loved one to a triggering, shocking, or otherwise upsetting material.

A Safe Place is by the community, for the community. Our Forum brings together news, views and essential information, all written by passionate and knowledgeable community members. We believe that sharing is caring, so please don’t hesitate to start a new topic or contribute to an ongoing discussion. Browse our posts below and get in touch today. This site contains user generated content, no copyright infringement intended.

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